How to plan a Stag Party

So your best friend is getting married and you’ve been tasked with organising the stag do? The poor guy! Well, at least you can plan the biggest and best night of his life before he becomes a taken man, right? If you’re thinking of planning an overseas stag do, there are several things to bear in mind first.

Why plan an overseas stag do? Well, why not. You can experience an amazing holiday, drink some exotic booze, meet beautiful ladies and not run the risk of anyone you know seeing you.

So, if you’re thinking of how to manage it, this is how to plan a stag do overseas.

1. Understand your team budget

An overseas stag do can be quite an expense for some, so discuss with your squad what is a reasonable amount. Some might be able to shell out for 5 star luxury, others won’t. Make sure you don’t exclude anyone financially as this can ruin the whole experience for everyone. 

2. Choose your destination carefully

Wherever you are in the world, there is probably a fantastic stag do destination just a couple of hours flying time away. It might be Ibiza in Europe, Cancun in America, Phuket in Asia or Gold Coast in Australia. 

Wherever you choose, you’ll want to also plan…

3. Activities!

What is a good stag do without some crazy stories to tell when you get home. The best way to do this is book in some fun activities. Popular events for stag dos are racing go-karts, hiring a sports car, skydiving, speed boats and jetskis and bungee jumps.

If your stag isn’t the adrenalin type, you could go for beer tasting at a brewery, a boat party at sea or a visit to a cultural location.

4. Choosing your hotel

This is also a big factor in a successful stag do overseas. We recommend either finding an Airbnb where you can cater for everyone, or a serviced apartment. 

Hotels and hostels can also be good, but they’re usually a bit more limiting in your experience. For example, hotel guests often find stag parties a bit too raucous and hostels can be a little uncomfortable. 

5. Fancy dress?

Should you wear fancy dress on your overseas stag do? Well, that is up to you, but it is a popular way to stand out (and embarrass the poor guy too!). 

6. The party!

No stag do in a foreign country is complete without an epic night out on the town. Planning the big event before you get there is key to not having a total failure on the day. We recommend finding either a large and popular nightclub, or several popular bars that you can visit.

If you like strip clubs, most big cities will have lots of options and they are usually welcoming for stag parties. Places like Amsterdam, Krakow, Pattaya and Medellin are teeming with excellent places to get up close and personal with local ladies. Put a smile on his face!

7. The hangover

So you’ve thrown the biggest party of your best friends life, and in the morning he might be feeling a little worse for wear. Make sure you’ve done your research on good places to refuel and refresh the next day.

A breakfast bar with a view, a swimming pool party or just a catering delivery to your rental apartment can all make an excellent way to soothe that hangover.

Make sure that on your overseas stag do, you respect the locals and don’t do anything you wouldn’t do in your own home town! Stay safe.

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